Best Practices of Data Modelling

We see a number of great sessions on star schema and relationships best practices from industry leaders and Microsoft. But this session would discuss the best methods to be followed to build a well-designed and efficient data model in MS Power BI. It shows the options in the Power BI desktop tool to understand the best practices and use in the future.

The session video will be updated once available.

Power BI Financial Statements – What, How and Why?

Excited to share the stage with Rishi Sapra ACA, MCT, Microsoft MVP and Chris Barber for the in-person presentation in South Coast Summit 2021.

This presentation was a 20-minute session packed with hugely informative insights on how to build Financial Statements using MS Power BI. It covers the benefit of using MS Power BI for financial users.
The following sections are covered –

  1. A top-down approach for metadata driven data modelling
  2. Visualization to come up with well formatted Financial Statements like Income Statement
  3. Custom Visuals used with Power BI shared dataset
  4. Excel Integration with Power BI shared dataset supporting Self-serve and flexibility

Row Level Security – What, Why and How?

Security is an important topic for a Reporting Tool. In this session we are focusing on Row-level security (RLS) for MS Power BI. Row-level Security restricts data per row based on the user who has logged in. It can be implemented in different scenarios in different ways based on the requirement. The video covers all the common scenarios for Row-level Security illustrated using simple examples. This will give a good understanding of how to approach each of these use cases.

The session would cover hands-on steps to implement possible use cases for RLS –
✅ Static RLS
✅ Dynamic RLS
– Direct
– Many to Many
– Organizational Hierarchy

Getting started with Power BI

The session helps someone to get started with MS Power BI. It is an introductory session on Microsoft Power BI. It is also in line with the PL-900 Exam Power BI section. So, if you are looking for taking PL 900 Exam then it would be helpful to walk away with a good understanding of Power BI as a tool.

The following topics are covered –

  1. Purpose and Benefits of using Power BI
  2. How it fits to the Power Platform ecosystem
  3. Elements of Power BI and it fits together
  4. Key concepts and components of Power BI
    a. Getting the data
    b. Transforming the data
    c. Visualize the data
  5. Steps to develop first dashboard in Power BI

PPS Hackathon 2021

We were the Winning Team from the UK by building a solution on Inventory Management in less than 4 hours! The solution had leveraged Power Platform technology stack – Dataverse, Model Apps, Power BI to solve issues like missed orders, confusion around multiple excel sheets, delay in reordering giving better insights around stock inventory. Finally, reports are viewed in Power BI and can be analysed across Product and Product Groups. Enhancement areas were also highlighted like the use of AI builders to predict the trend etc.

We had at the Power Platform School #Hackathon! Over 100 people from the UK & US coming together to help support the participants from #BAME communities on their last tasks of their 8 week #PowerPlatform programme – that last task being an epic hack!

We saw solutions to:
a. Manage complex inventory requirements & orders.
b. Manage social media marketing,
c. Manage businesses owned by those from BAME (black and minority ethnic) backgrounds and allow people to search for them to support the businesses.
d. Appointment and booking solutions.

Beautiful minds come together to not only support the Power Platform School participants but to build these epic solutions that will help small businesses phenomenal!

The judges were industry leaders – Nicolle (Kikky) Huntingford Stuart CassieKyle HillBen Vollmer & Tayo Daniel.

Sponsors were : NimbitechcloudThing & Hitachi Solutions Europe!

This event was initiated by Tricia Sinclair will help brighten the future life’s & careers of all the participants.

The Scottish Summit 2021

Many times we come across requirements that are not supported by Power BI. Many times customers are looking for something similar to excel. Let’s see how we can do some tricks to have those solutions in place. Also, get some cool tips to build better reporting in Power BI.

Tips and Tricks for Power BI

Scottish Summit started in 2019 as a way to showcase Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Scotland. The first event gathered 370 Dynamics professionals to Glasgow to watch 38 sessions. In 2020 the full Microsoft Cloud Community was invited to showcase all the Microsoft Cloud stack and over 1,100 people attended. Fast Forward to 2021 and world events allow the event to go Global to over 3,400 attendees who took in 365 sessions.